Getting a Job in Web Application Development

People have asked me from time to time, how did I learn to do web development and get a job doing web application development.
I understand how difficult it is to break in to the field as a new developer. I can tell you how I did it and perhaps you can try a similar approach.
I got in to web development by playing with PHP on a local web server. Back in 2003 there wasn’t much in the way of tutorials to learn from so I had to do with what I could find and by trial and error. I eventuality manages to get a MySQL database to put some data on my web page then I built a website around it.

I still had no way to get in to paid development though, so I made up a DL sized flier showing a few websites I had made. These websites were demo sites, but they looked good.
I then got the bundles of fliers and walked around business areas handing them out until somebody asked me if I could build them a website.
After I found my first customer, I just kept doing the same thing until I had several real customer websites to show.
During the process I had refined my website skills into web development. I picked up a big project to build a booking system for a relatively big company so they could show all their bookings on it and their service technicians could log in and add jobs and complete jobs online.

Booking Screen – Built with HTML and PHP

booking system screenAfter I completed this project I was able to put my resume forward to get a job as a developer.
I would say the road I took was not easy but it got me to where I wanted to be. I am still a web developer today. I build mobile applications, large company web based applications for all sorts of things from email distribution to video hosting.
If you really want to get into web application development feel free to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them for you.


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