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You'll find a lot of Free WordPress Tutorials and
Mobile App building information and much much more...

Note: This website is still being developed. We have made it public early so that you can get access to the WordPress Tutorials and the Mobile Application Information.

Mobile App Development

Get ahead of the curve by learning mobile app development.
It's true mobile app development used to be for professional programmers only. However, times have changed. Now you have access to tools that do most of the work for you, tools like PhoneGap and Cordova.
I'll show you how easy it is to get started and you'll be building mobile apps in no time.

Mobile App Development

55 Free WordPress Tutorials

Here you will find 55 Free WordPress Tutorials. These tutorials will show you how to install WordPress and how to create your pages and much much more.

wordpress tutorials

Code Examples

In this section I have published some of my code examples which have saved me time when developing web applications.
The examples cover snipits in PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery and MySQL.

code examples

Web Design Tutorials

In this section I show you how to build a responsive website in HTML with javaScript navigation using the JQuery and Boot Strap librarys

web design tutorials

PHP Tutorials

The PHP tutorials cover updating a MySQL database inserting, updating and deleting data. These days PHP is used predominately for back-end server receiving and sending data from html forms via Ajax / JavaScript functions.

php tutorials

MySQL Tutorials

Here you will find some nifty tips on building queries.
in my view why code function in PHP if you can add them to your query and just pass the results back to the PHP script.

mysql tutorials

Web Design Tutorials plus Hosting

Our web design tutorials plus hosting shows you how to quickly build HTML5 responsive websites and find affordable reliable hosting.

web hosting

Internet Marketing

Struggling to get traffic to your website? Well like most people that have built a great looking website they often struggle to get traffic to their site.
In this section we talk about ways to get traffic to your website using easy free and low cost methods.

internet marketing

Web Based Business Applications

There's always a need for web based business applications.
Business's are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity. By learning to build web based business applications you will be able to help these businesses increase their productivity.
I will show you how you can start creating business applications and finding customers that need your help.

job schedule application web based business applications